Kingdom Development Institute

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Welcome To Kingdom Development Institute


Senior Pastors, Churches, Networks, Small Groups & Bible Colleges

Learn How To: Attract More New Members!

  • Start or Add A School of Business or Marketplace Ministry To Your Existing Bible College!
  • Get More Members Invloved!
  • Increase Your Donations! 
  • Take Your City for Christ!
  • Recession Proof Your Church!
  • Certify Your Small Group Leaders!
  • Upgrade Your Sunday School!
  • Tap Into The 5 People Groups That Are Just Sitting Idle In the Pews of Your Church!



Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Women 

Business Owners & Professionals Learn How To:                                                                                                                      

  • Become A Kingdom-Preneur!
  • Become A Certified Expert!
  • Published Author!
  • Earn $150,000-$250,000 Annually!
  • Remove 10-15 Years Off the Learning Curve!
  • Have Dual Influence (Christian Circles and Corporate America)!
  • Achieve and Experience Above Average Success!
  • Take Your Business, Career or Ministry To The Next Level!
  • Do Business Outside the “4 Walls” of the Church or Traditional Christianity!



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Accredited Certified Training Courses

  • Marketplace Ministry 101 (13 weeks)
  • Understanding the Kingdom of God (10 weeks)
  • 9 Keys of the Kingdom of God (10 weeks)
  • Money & Finances 101 (13 weeks)

***All courses meet KDI's prerequisite for a undergraduate degree

"Additional Advanced Courses Offered To Certain Qualifying Individuals"

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Professional Prestigious Designations

  • Certified Home School Teacher (CHST)
  • Certified Sunday School Teacher (CSST)
  • Certified Small Group Leader (CSGL)
  • Certified Financial Instructor (CFI)
  • Certified Kingdom Teacher (CKT)
  • Certified Kingdom Leader (CKL)
  • Certified King-Priest (CKP)

Request Your New Student Packet Today!